XingTu App Download | 醒图 Natural Beauty Effects Photo Editor

XingTu App Download : 醒图, an easy-to-use yet powerful all-in-one photo editing app that effortlessly delivers exceptional results. Whether you’re aiming for a sophisticated skin texture or a natural, refined look, XingTu App meets all your needs with just one click. Want to achieve natural beauty effects or obtain high-quality textured photos? Download the XingTu App now for an effortless journey to enhanced beauty~

醒图 (pinyin : Xǐng tú),XingTu / Xing Tu photo editor is owned by ByteDance Ltd, stands out with its focus on precise beauty modifications and natural processing effects.

It offers detailed adjustments for facial features, ensuring a more natural overall appearance. Whether you’re looking to enhance the 3D effect of your features or create a sophisticated look, this App makes it easy to achieve with just one tap.

  • ByteDance – official site

Its comprehensive and powerful functionalities cater to all your photo editing needs without the need to switch between applications.

Want to make your photos natural and delicate?

In this article, we will introduce how to download Xingtu App, continue to learn more.

  • Android (APK)
  • iOS

XingTu Download

Android 1 Play Store

▼ Readers using an Android phone or tablet can’t find it from the Google Play Store.

You might find a similar app named 醒图 Pichype, but its LOGO is different from the App as below.

Want to try 醒图?

You can download it from the following websites:

  • Tencent Appstore
  • PP Assistant
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Android 2 Tencent Appstore

Tencent App Store : 醒图

▼ Tencent Appstore offers the APK file for download.

Open the link and uncheck the “应用宝官方下载,安全高速”.

Click on “普通下载” Normal Download to start the download.

Note 1 : Can’t download it? Please try a different browser.

Note 2 : On desktop site? Please switch to the mobile screen via your web browser.

Android 3 PP Assistant

PP Assistant : 醒图

▼ We can also download it from Alibaba’s PP Assistant.

Visit the website, uncheck “优先下载PP助手安装,更安全”

Then tap on “普通下载” (Normal Download) to start the download.

Note: If you can’t download it, please try using a different browser.

XingTu App iOS

iOS 1 App Store (Overseas)

▼ Overseas readers who use iPhone, iPad currently are unable to find XingTu App from the store.

Still want to try XingTu on iPhone? Please follow the steps below.

We can download it from the Chinese App Store.

iOS 2 App Store (China) I

▼ If you do not have a Chinese Apple ID, please refer to Getting a Chinese Apple ID .

You can apply for a new ID, and then switch to the Chinese App Store.

iOS 2 App Store (China) II

App Store : 醒图

▼ Get into the Chinese App Store.

Search xingtu or open the link to get this photo editing app.

XingTu App is a robust and comprehensive photo editing tool, ideal for anyone passionate about photography and beauty. From delicate skin textures and natural facial adjustments to 3D lighting effects and advanced facial sculpting, XingTu has it all. We hope our article helps you in acquiring this photo editing marvel, embarking on a journey of visual artistry. If you have any questions or needs, feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you for your support!