Lan Ha Bay in Vietnam

Nestled in the south of the glorious Halong Bay and the east of Cat Ba Island, Lan Ha Bay has an area of over 7.000 hectares, of which 5.400 hectares belong to Cat Ba National Park. While most of the cruise itineraries direct the routes to the UNESCO-listed “Bay of Descending Dragon,” just some draw the tourists’ attention to the poetic Lan Ha, and in fact, it turns out to be a more relaxing cruise journey. In this pristine destination, you find less crowd but more serenity and privacy.

Lan Ha Bay – New Trend for Tourists

Tourists today can benefit from Hanoi-Hai Phong expressway, which is less than 2-hour drive for the short or quick transfer. The 6-lane expressway helps fasten transfer time from Hanoi to Got pier of Hai Phong City-home to lovely Lan Ha Bay. Before you can get to this unspoiled Bay, you need to first arrive at Cat Ba Island, and then Cat Ba town from which you go to Beo pier for a boat trip to Lan Ha Bay. Note that there are more than one routes to the Bay. Some might choose to move from Got pier to Cai Vieng Port of Cat Ba Island by speedboat, and then take a bus to Cat Ba town, and then get to Beo pier to buy a boat ticket to Lan Ha. Others might prefer the route from Halong City to Cat Ba Island by ferry, and then travel from Cat Ba to Lan Ha Bay-a must to see in the itinerary.

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In the sense to avoid crowds in the celebrated Halong Bay, people might choose the less-visited highlights of Lan Ha Bay. And, this choice turns out to be the greatest decision ever, as Lan Ha owns up to nearly 400 islands and islets for sightseeing, plus 139 picturesque beaches for swimming and a variety of water activities. A special trait is that all islets and islands of this haven are covered by trees and greenery. The characteristics that Lan Ha might share with Halong include limestone towers of various shapes, caves, spectacular beaches with white and golden sandbanks, and blue seawater. Hundreds of the islets and islands establish sublime vista to please all eyes.

Make it clear that Lan Ha Bay belongs to Hai Phong City, which is adjacent to the UNESCO Protected Area of Halong Bay (which belongs to Quang Ninh Province). Also, geographically, it is in the east of Cat Ba Island and the south of Halong Bay. You might need to not to confuse about the location of this hidden paradise. The Lan Ha Bay Cruises promise to be more relaxing and less bustling compared to the other more famous site in the neighboring areas. So if you care about private vacation and unspoiled beauty of Nature, and traditional fishermen’s life, then get to the placid Lan Ha.

Things to Do and See in Lan Ha Bay: Cruising, Cat Ba National Park, and more

  • Swimming in the gentle Van Boi Beach will help you unwind as you let worries drift away. While you are soaking, take time contemplating the marvelous surrounding scenery and admiring the power of Nature. Being in front of the beautiful sea and the magnificent cliffs, you might feel humble yet exciting. Also, enjoy the white sandbank and majestic beaches in Monkey Island.
  • Kayaking in Lan Ha Bay will shower you with opportunities to be free and happy when you’re sailing to the middle of the sea, touching the blue-and-clear water, and looking at the far-off mountains. Sometimes, you might listen to the sound of Nature, and it’s wonderful to empower yourself to laugh, take lovely pictures, and create sweet experiences. If you go kayaking with the loved ones, experiences go best. In the serene and captivating landscape, people often say loving words to each other.
  • Trying rock climbing if you want to test your physical limit and have fun. The destination owns many thrilling cliffs for people to climb to the top, get an amazing view, take awesome photographs, and overcome their fear if any. When you are in the high spot, enjoy sightseeing imposing mountains, far-off islands and islets, and a few ritzy cruises.
  • Visiting Viet Hai fishing village in which the fishermen and their families preserve traditions of fishing and self-supply life. The visit will bring you pleasant cultural experiences by learning how villagers live, somehow in a way separated from the outside world.
  • Exploring the ancient Cai Beo floating village which is just adjacent to Beo pier. There, you will be fond of watching around 300 floating houses, their fishing and seafood farming, and the locals’ hospitable nature.
  • Having a great time in Nam Cat Island, which takes the 15-minute boat trip from Beo pier. The island offers a peaceful and gorgeous setting for everybody to relax and calm. Take this opportunity to give yourself more “vitamin sea,” fresh air, and happy vibe. Have fun with any water activities that you’d love.
  • Sightseeing Turtle Islet (Hon Rua) and Bell Island (Hon Chuong). During the cruises to Lan Ha Bay, you will travel along the interestingly-shaped islets, so have your cameras ready to capture the fantastic shots!
  • Getting to Cat Ba National Park. You might consider adding this option if you want to trek and see flora and fauna in the biosphere reserve. Of course, nature-friendly experiences and view are valuable.
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Some overnight cruises sail to Lan Ha Bay only while others combine this Bay as a must to see in cruise packages of Halong Bay or Cat Ba Island. Due to your definitions of the best cruise itinerary, sort out those of the suitable offers, work with the cruise operators, and get good deals. At present, there are dozens overnight and sightseeing cruises to Lan Ha Bay. You might be interested in the newly-launched 5-star Serenity Cruises or the splendid, aesthetic Era Cruises or the charming Orchid Cruises or any other top vessels. Make sure you study on the itinerary of each cruise before booking. Then, carry out the list of things to do and see in Lan Ha Bay above.